Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hey bey

This summer is starting to be okay. I had the best weekend, and yesterday I got a manicure for my vaykay coming up. china glaze is by far my favorite nail polish brand. it just goes on so silky and looks exact. and i guess it helps that they have refreshingly unique colors.
it's official: my sisters web cam sucks. and it's a brand new computer. her's is a dell. mine is (was?) a dell. with all the complications I've had with dell I'm definitely not going to be a PC when i go off to college.
anywaze: my latest obsession is these YSL platform pumps.

I feel like if I had these shoes I would never take them off because they can match perfectly with so many things. and even if they didn't match I would still wear them to get the extra lift with the 4-inch heels. Speaking of Yves Saint Laurent, have you seen resort2010?


I feel kind of ignorant of the english language when I use the same adjectives over and over again,

but I can't think 0f anything better or more me. TO THE ABOVE....amazing.


  1. The resort looks great. Those shoes do look awesome, but stilettos scare me in person...they look fragile or something.
    P.S. On the stump; I climbed up it and then the dog was handed to me (both times). :)

  2. Yes, get a Mac! They're so much better than PC!

  3. Nice nails! Ah I want those shoes.

  4. We love the nail polish! Can you say HAWT!!!!!! But thnx soooo.... much for the info on dell!! And those YSL heels are ah-mazingggg!