Friday, July 3, 2009

borders books and NO music

At the beginning of the summer I went to Borders to get my summer reading book. The problem was, once we got there, the store didn't have those convenient racks of binders with all the local school's summer reading lists. Luckily, I knew it was the sequel to the book 'Year of Wonders' by Geraldine Brooks. So we go to the fictional shelf and I see the book 'March' and I pick it up. Just as I'm about to leave I see a trazillion and two more books by her out my periffs. So I didn't know what to do. After staring at the back of the book for 6 minutes, I put it down and walked away. (It's okay. Now I can get it a week or so before school starts, like the other slackers, and die trying to write an essay. I'll remember it better, right?) So, I'm at borders I might as well look around at what once was my favorite place. I say once because they took the music out and replaced it with an expanded cafe. Don't get me wrong, I love my mudslide freezes. I even applied for a job at the cafe a year or so ago. But it's called Borders Books and Music for a reason. Now, they're going to have to replace the sign. Loosing money here, people! Anyways!@#$ I come across this clearance rack of hard cover books and staring at me was this:
(click to enlarge)

Jamie Drake's 'New American Glamour'

"It's always wonderful when you can truly let your imagination go wild. But it's even more exciting when you find the stuff that your dreams are made of."

Opening page. Some cute sketches.

You can't see this in the picture but there is a textured lamp. Alltheway on the left side, see it? Yea, it rules. And the charcoal walls with the pink accents. Another thing you can't see, on the table there is a bowl of marsh mellows. MHM. Marsh mellows! Like, hey guests enjoy some homemade hors d'oeuvres . I call them cloud puffs. Is that thing considered a chandelier?

Mythology seats (Well what did you think they were?)
I wouldn't mind sitting in one. If only for an uncomfortable moment.

Victorian curtains and a lovely wall mural.
I wonder how loud you would have to talk for the person at the other end of the table to hear you. I would get away with so many insults under my breath.

Despite the lighting being a teensy bit scary, it's a brilliant idea and pleasing to my eyes.

This makes me love the color peach. The cow ottoman looks heart-shaped, no? but I think it's more of a three sided figure of some sort.

Not sure which ottoman I love more.

Gossip Girl-y foyers.

I think the plants make this.

Originally $45.00. Three freakin ninety nine. Really? Yes, really. Then behind it I found this beauty:


These wallpapers remind me of the murals at Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. The idea was to recreate the hotel. With the help of 21 unique artists, 61 rooms were created. And boy, are they crazy. Click the link and take a look. Definitely worth looking at.

Textured wallpaper. I would draw notes on them like post-its.

New York Stock Exchange wallpaper. It cracks me up!

This book was $4.99 so I mean, of coarse I had to get it. So in the end I go home without my summer reading book and two design books. Then I go online to get the name of the book and whadiya know. It's 'March' by Geraldine Brooks.

Stupid instincts.

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  1. Love the wallpaper,its looks very modern and cool , I would love to have that on my wall, or anywhere else for that matter...
    Interesting blog I love how it covers a lot especially the interior designing part its cool beans.